More Filmography section updates

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Pages for Isla’s movies from 2000 to 2005 have now been added, written and packed full of information in our Filmography section! Browse through them to find trivia, quotes, synopses and more for Isla’s earlier films including Scooby Doo, Swimming Pool, I Heart Huckabees, and of course, Wedding Crashers. I hope you enjoy reading through them!

Pages for Isla’s remaining 8 movies will be added over the next few weeks. And I have a rare video treat for you tomorrow :-)

Big Filmography section update – TV Series information added

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I’ve been hard at work the last few days getting back to work on our Filmography pages, and have now added pages and information for all of Isla’s TV work. This includes Home & Away, Oliver Twist and Paradise Beach, as well as her other TV series, mini-series and TV movie. There isn’t much information about them around now, but I’ve added in as much as I could possibly find!

The Home & Away and Pilot Season pages are the only ones that are not ‘complete’ yet – they will be completed with character and episode information, plus character quotes, as I gradually go through and screencap available episodes.

Whilst searching for information on these shows, I was lucky enough to come across a picture from Bay City – Isla’s very first acting role! This is the first photo I’ve ever seen from this series, so I was excited to find it. Unfortunately it’s only very small, but there is a ‘full’ version and a ‘blown-up’ version so we can see Isla a bit more clearly.

First trailer for “Bachelorette”

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The first official trailer for Bachelorette debuted on Access Hollywood earlier this week, and it soon made it’s way online! The movie looks like a lot of fun, and Isla seems to be on top form and going all out with her over the top wild comedy!

Watch the trailer below, and find HD screencaptures in our Gallery. What do you think about the trailer?

Old “Home & Away” episodes to be broadcast in the UK for a month

July 17th 2012 • by Jess • 4 Comments"Home & Away", Gallery Updates

Great news, old school Home & Away fans! Channel 5 is once again taking a break from showing new episodes during the “summer” months in the UK, and they are going to be showing a selection of older episodes in place of it!

Read a bit more about it below, and find out about the choices of episodes from Isla’s years on the show (1994-1997) at My memory is not that good, so I can’t recall which of the selected episodes she featured heavily in, but obviously the episode from 1994 about Shannon and Curtis’ secret will be all about her – so let’s hope that episode will be shown!

‘Home and Away: From Day One’ will launch on digital channel 5* on Monday, July 30 as the show’s feature-length pilot from 1988 is aired.

Viewers’ favourite episodes from 1989 to the present day will then be played in a Home and Away double bill from July 31 until the series returns on the main channel on Monday, September 3.

Three episodes have been shortlisted for every year between 1989 and 2012. The two most popular episodes from each year will play out weeknights from 6pm on 5*.

Additionally, the episode which ranks in third place will be available to watch exclusively online at Channel 5’s official Home and Away website. This will also be where viewers can vote for their favourite episodes.

Original cast member Ray Meagher, who plays Alf Stewart, added: “Channel 5 is offering UK viewers a real treat this summer. All the classic episodes are here and many of the first appearances from some of the current key cast including Marilyn, Irene, Morag and a slightly younger Alf.”

“Rise Of The Guardians” Trailer #2

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A second trailer for Rise Of The Guardians has been released this week:

Leslye Headland talks “Bachelorette” at the Provincetown International Film Festival

June 18th 2012 • by Jess • No Comments"Bachelorette"

Bachelorette: Not Your Norman Rockwell Wedding

Bachelorette was dubbed the “indie Bridesmaids” at Sundance. OK, maybe there are some similarities. There are females and there’s a pending wedding and the proverbial “shit hits the fan,” but that’s about it. Based on a play of the same name by Leslye Headland who directed the screen version, the story is quite frankly not going to be a hit with everyone. But for the segment of the population that gets a thrill off of bad ass humor, Bachelorette offers up a load of laughs. John Waters appeared to enjoy himself at the screening of the film, which opened up the Provincetown International Film Festival this week, so that is a stamp of some sort of approval, right?

“It was incredible to see it with that audience. There’s something about the [crowd] here that has the exact correct taste for this movie,” Leslye Headland said to ML with a big smile and laughs at the festival. “To have an audience that’s on the same page from the opening jokes right on through the final scenes was great. They accepted these characters. It wasn’t just affirmation with their laughter, but there was good will toward them too.” Starring a rabble rousing Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher and Lizzy Caplan, the trio hit New York to help their friend Becky (Rebel Wilson) prepare for her wedding. But these women are anything but prissy debutantes. Booze, drugs, blow jobs, foul mouths – it’s all there and it keeps coming for more. Becky is the only one who seems to have cleaned up her act, and the bad ass trio get into more trouble when they accidentally tear the wedding dress the night before the ceremony.

“Kirsten, Isla and Lizzy never thought they should tone down their characters,” offered Headland. “They even improved stuff where where even I didn’t know if we could use some of the things they did. When you watch it, you can see that they’re having fun. I think they were excited to play women they had never met before.”

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“Rango” HD Film Screencaptures

June 17th 2012 • by Jess • No Comments"Rango", Gallery Updates

It’s once again quiet in Isla-world, so I thought I’d make a bit of a different update today – I’ve added HD screencaptures from Rango to the Gallery. Normally I wouldn’t add screencaptures from an animated project as we’re not actually seeing Isla herself, but I’ve noticed there is some interest from fans in photos from animated works, so I thought I’d add these for you.

I’ve added a minimal amount of screencaptures as it’s only an animated role, but I’ve captured all scenes so you can see what Isla’s character Beans gets up to in the movie. Rango was one of my favourite films of 2011 – I thought it was so unique, funny and clever, and Isla really put her stamp on the character of Beans, using her trademark humour to bring Beans to life and making her so hilarious.

What did you think of Rango? Do you like screencaptures from animated projects?

Rango (2011) > Film Screencaptures x125

Filmography pages update

June 15th 2012 • by Jess • No CommentsWebsite

As I’ve said before, it’s just the Filmography section of our content that needs to be written now, so I’ve continued working on that today. Pages for Isla’s upcoming movies Bachelorette, Rise Of The Guardians, The Great Gatsby and Now You See Me have been added, as have pages for her short films Random Acts Of Intimacy, Furnished Room, and Bum Magnet. I’ve gathered as much information as I can to put these pages together so as to make sure they are as comprehensive and accurate as possible!

More Filmography pages coming soon, and I also have some additional HQ photos to add …

New character posters for “Rise Of The Guardians”

June 15th 2012 • by Jess • No Comments"Rise Of The Guardians", Gallery Updates

New individual posters for all the main characters of Rise Of The Guardians have just been released, and you can see the one of Isla’s Tooth Fairy character in our Gallery.

See the other character posters at

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