Video, screencaptures & stills from Live With Kelly & Michael

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Isla appeared on Live With Kelly & Michael on Monday, to chat about Rise Of The Guardians, and I have now put together coverage for you! Big big thanks goes to my friend Colleen for making us a video of the appearance. From this I have been able to upload an exclusive downloadable video for you, plus screencaptures. We also have a few stills from the taping.

It was a short but nice interview – Isla talked about fitting yoga into her daily life as a mum, training as a clown, and then what attracted her to Rise Of The Guardians. It’s really great to see her on a big chat show again!

Enjoy the video and pictures :)

2012 – Live With Kelly & Michael (Stills) x3
2012 – Live With Kelly & Michael (Screencaptures) x140

More “Rise Of The Guardians” trailers & featurettes

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Watch a new 1-minute trailer for Rise Of The Guardians, plus a couple of new featurettes below. Isla is seen briefly in the ‘Real Magic’ one.

There are also several new clips and tv spots on the official You Tube channel.

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Isla at “Rise Of The Guardian” London Premiere tonight

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As expected, Isla attended the London premiere of Rise Of The Guardians tonight, and she looked fabulous in a little white lace dress by Dolce & Gabbana. I really like that she’s done something different with her hair too. Isla was photographed at the red carpet event with co-star Chris Pine, director Peter Ramsey, composer Alexandre Desplat and producer Christina Steinberg.

I’ve added the first few photos to the Gallery, and will start on adding more tomorrow. I believe there was also a press junket for the film today, so maybe we’ll have some more video interviews too …

“Rise Of The Guardians” B-Roll footage

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More Rise Of The Guardians videos, this lot are ‘b-roll’ footage, which is behind the scenes of the movie….

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“Rise Of The Guardians” Side-By-Side featurette

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Featurette for Rise of the Guardians shows a side by side view of the actors and the actual footage.

“Rise Of The Guardians” Cannes Film Festival Q&A video

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Here is a short video from the Q&A held for Rise Of The Guardians at the Cannes Film festival back in May:

Isla to promote “Rise Of The Guardians” in London this Thursday

November 12th 2012 • by Jess • 2 Comments"Rise Of The Guardians", Media Alerts, News & Gossip

Isla and her Rise Of The Guardians co-star Chris Pine are scheduled to attend a press junket and premiere for their new movie in London this Thursday. The premiere will be held at Empire Leicester Square. I can’t wait to see her out and about promoting the movie here, and be sure I will bring you as much coverage as I can possibly find right here :)

Isla at the “Rise Of The Guardians” New York Premiere

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Isla made a low-key appearance at the New York premiere of Rise Of The Guardians last night, looking chic in a little blue Philip Lim dress with a black Helmut Lang jacket. She was accompanied by co-star Alec Baldwin and their director Peter Ramsey. Unfortunately I have only been able to find one photo from this event so far, which you can see in our Gallery. You can see more at Just Jared, although they have their yellow watermarks on.

I will be on the lookout for more photos from this premiere, so check back soon :)

Isla on the cover of Australian In Style

Woooahh, more fantastic Fisher news – Isla is on the cover of the new December issue of Australian In Style magazine! Albeit slightly in disguise – I sense a bit of photoshopping going on? Still, Isla wears a gorgeous dress by J’Aton Couture on the cover, and it is so great to see her on the cover of another big magazine, so we give major props to In Style for that!

The magazine is on news-stands now, so make sure you pick up a copy. Highlights from the interview can be read below, and you can see the cover in our Gallery. I’ll be on the lookout for scans, and if anyone can help me out with providing them that would be fabulous :)

InStyle cover girl: Isla Fisher

Unassuming and playful, Isla Fisher has never lost her delightful Aussie charm, despite being based overseas for the better part of a decade. Together with her husband, comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, and their two daughters, Olive, 5, and Elula, 2, Fisher splits her time between LA and London. This month she talks to InStyle about her new role in the wickedly funny comedy Bachelorette, and being one half of one of Hollywood’s most intriguing power couples.

In movies like Wedding Crashers, Confessions of a Shopaholic and now Bachelorette, you consistently play extreme women. What draws you to these manic roles?
“I played a bipolar nymphomaniac in Wedding Crashers and now I’m playing a coke whore. I’m just trying to make my dad proud [laughs]. Truthfully, I’ve always enjoyed playing characters that are unusual people. There’s a bunch of actors who can play normal people better than I can. I enjoy it more when I can play someone who exists in a heightened reality, someone a little more wild.”

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